Three Sicilian Jazz musicians thrilled audiences at the Rotary fund-raising Jazz concerts held in Catania and Palermo on the 22nd and 23rd November, organised by Rotary District 2110, Sicily & Malta.

Guitarist Francesco Buzzurro, saxophonist Francesco Cafiso and harmonica player and composer Giuseppe Milici thrilled audiences with their music during the two fund raising concerts held in Catania and Palermo on the 22nd and 23rd November respectively which were organised by Rotary District 2110, Sicily & Malta.
While Buzzurro opened the evening with his magical solo guitar playing, Giuseppe Milici and his hunting harmonica joined him on stage, each complementing the other.  Francesco Cafiso then joined Buzzurro prior to all three artists combining.  With 1,200 attending the Catania concert and 1,800 the Palermo concert and together with the NOA Concert in Palermo in summer, Rotary District 2110 has raised over EUR 40,000 in aid of the Rotary Foundation. 
Rotary Club Malta was represented at the concert by Past President John de Giorgio.