Posted on Sep 27, 2017

Rotary Club Malta was again represented at the Comitato Interpaese Meeting in Italy between the 21st & 24th  September held at Mesagne in the Puglia region. As we arrived at Bari airport where Rtn.Simon Bonello drove us to the venue at Mesagne and safely back for our return flight to Malta. We were lodged in a very comfortable hotel that provided excellent meals besides us attending a concert of young musicians who presented a repertoire of popular music at the gala dinner. Another evening we were presented with a display of regional folk dancers.We were taken on tour to the lovely Baroque town of Lecce besides other neighbouring towns.  The group was made up of PDG Alfred Mangion, Simon and Lydia Bonello, Joe Aquilina and Stephanie Frendo and Rob and Liz von Brockdorff. The scope of this annual meeting held either in Italy,Switzerland,Liechtenstein and Malta is a fellowship meeting where a large percentage of the participants are repeaters.The official language spoken is Italian although several of the participants speak English.

The venue for next year's meeting is Switzerland and in 2019 the meeting will again be held in Malta . An effort is being made for next year's meeting to attract new participants and some younger Rotarians. Let us be represented by a larger group next year.


  Robert Von Brockdorff