District Governor 2022/23

The District Governor of Rotary District 2110, Sicily and Malta for the year starting 1 July 2022 is Orazio Agrò.    

Orazio was a founding member and Past President of the Rotary Club Misterbianco. As a Rotaractor first, and a Rotarian later, he has been part of the Rotarian family continuously for twenty-six years.
Club President in 2011, he obtained the Rotary Presidential certificate and the award for the best contributing club per capita, to the annual Rotary Foundation. He is among the founding presidents of the District's long0standing Thalassemia Project n Morocco with the PDG Concetto Lombardo. Founder and first president of the Rotary E-Club District 2110 in 2014; he was also the founder of the Rotary E-Club District 2110 "Mongibello Satellite" in 2015.
He has had national positions in Rotary as the Operational Assistant to the Rotary Public Image (RPIC) Coordinator for Zone 14 for districts 2100-2110 -2120 in the three-year period 2018-2021.
In 2007/08 he created District 2110's Web Portal under the guidance of Governor Sarpietro. As a former member of the Organizing Committee of the Rotary Institute held in Catania in October 2019, he was responsible for the Institute's web portal.
He has held numerous district positions, including:
  • Coordinator of the Action for Youth commission with DG De Bernardis, year 2021/22
  • Image and Communication Delegate with PDG Di Costa, year 2020/21
  • District Co-Secretary PDG Cimino, year 2019/20
  • Governor's Assistant for two years with PDG Sallemi, year 2018/19 and PDG Scibilia, year 2016/17
  • Delegate for Multimedia D. 2110 with PDG de Giorgio, year 2017/18.
He has always carried out a notable activity in support of the training of young people. In this sense, he collaborated in the organization of various District RYLAs with Prof. Di Benedetto. 
In 2013/14, when Rotary International gave enormous importance to the "Young Generations", through the "Future Vision" plan, Orazio was given the task of  coordinating the entire district sector (D.2110) for the "Young Generations", by DG Triscari standardizing and carrying out a significant intercommittee coordination activity at the district level.
Orazio is a Benefactor of The Rotary Foundation, he has received multiple Paul Harris Fellows (3 rubies). He is also an Honorary Member of the Rotary Club Augusta, the Rotary Catania Bellini, the Rotary E-Club District 2110, the Rotary Club Palermo Montepellegrino, the Rotary Club Siracusa Monti Climiti, the District Rotaract 2110 and the Rotaract Club Augusta.
In 2014 and 2015, together with Franco Palmeri, a friend and never forgotten Rotarian, he conceived and created an unprecedented bicycle fundraising event, called "Coast-to-Coast", which brought together Rotarians on bicycles across Sicily. and Malta for fundraising pro RF.
He is a national level entrepreneur in the Information and Communication Technology sector.  Winner of several professional awards, he also held the role of National Delegate for Young Entrepreneurs, as well as Vice President of the Confindustria Siracusa Young Entrepreneurs Group.
A convinced environmentalist, his family business has sponsored on several occasions projects in the field of "plastic-free" issues
He comes from a proudly Rotary family. His father Salvatore (P.H.F.) is Past President of RC Misterbianco and his brother Paolo (P.H.F.) is a Past President of the E-Club District 2110. Passionate about economics and - in his spare time - cars, motorcycles, boats and mountain bikes, together to his wife Melissa and the young Claudio they love travel, music, concerts and the organization of events.