Welcome to our new web site.

Rotary Club Malta has launched its new web site designed to improve the features available both to members and non-members alike. 


Rotary Club Malta's new web site has been designed to improve the features available both to members and non-members alike, including providing better capabilities for the booking of Club events, generating newsletters, managing our day to day club activities, as well as communicating more effectively internally and externally.  

More than just an easy-to-use website, it is a complete online package comprised of several modules, all designed to maintain our members' data, facilitate interactive communication, organize events and volunteers, distribute email newsletters and broadcast communications, improve public relations, and help run the club more efficiently. Accessible by all club members through a password protected member area, it allows every member to access key information, to update their own details, to communicate much more effectively, as well as share information and collaborate better, as well as automate administrative functions such as attendance tracking and billing.
Membership changes to the database are automatically communicated to Rotary International and the site includes a facility for online registrations for events and volunteer activities, automatic email services, and an integrated e-Newsletter, among other features, making it easy to promote our club's activities.  The site also enables a wide group of people to author content for the site.  This should result in greater freshness of content and interaction between club members.
Please provide us with feedback about the site.  We look forward to hearing from you.