Rotary Malta School in Sesse, Uganda ​

Work is well underway for a new school in Nkose Island in Lake Victoria, Uganda.
The children are egarly awaiting to move into the classrooms, which are being built by local craftsmen, using partly local materials. Our partner "Kids of Africa", who have their main school just across the water on the main land in Entebbe, is supervising the plans and construction and will also see to the operation.
Funding is being provided by the Malta Government NGO funds together with Rotary Club Malta funds. More information from Ian de Cesare.
Rotary Dar Il Kaptan, Respite Home Extension Projects starts
Contrators moved in to commence the 6 month project, which will extensively upgrade the Dar Il Kaptan facility. Areas are being brought together to reduce  supervision required, while other facilities are being increased and it is being brought up to the latest safety standards. Rotary are the main funding contributors along with the Community Chest Fund and the Fund for Good Causes, to this € 120,000 project. The District Governor viewed the work and congratulated the Club for the successful fundraising focus of the past two years which was being put into this project. "The Dar il Kaptan project was unique among the 95 clubs of Sicily and Malta" Giovanni Vaccaro said. Architect is Nick Samut Tagliaferro.​