€ 8000 for Nepal's Assistance

The generosity of  members was again demonstrated when we gathered a total sum of €8000 together with previously collected funds, for the Nepal Disaster  Fund . THe money will be allocated by our Rotary Club in Kathmandu.                                                    
Other projects we have contributed this year, besides the larger donations for The Dar Il Kaptan extension and the New School in Nkosi, Uganda,  are: 
CarePakistan                                                 1,500.00
Malta Community Chest Fund (Verdala)  1,500.00
RC Gozo re Rotaract                                     1,030.00
Haversacks for immigrant children            2,390.00
Rotary Foundation                                         8,950.00
District  Talessemia                                         200.00
Fr. Rosario - India                                             720.00
Din L-Art Helwa - Santa Rosaria                    500.00
Dictionaries for immigrant children               200.00
Rotaract                                                         582.00
Should members require more information please contact Francis our treasurer.