Hold Your Horses !

Rotarian Francis Camilleri holds the reins and keeps cool control of these frisky Hungarian thoroughbreds.
This visit to a farm for stud horses outside Budapest was one of the many highlights of this most enjoyable four day trip. Janos Stein and President Ferenc Bancsics of RC Budapest Margitsiget, organised a memorable programme which included visits to the Parliament, a concert, dinner boat trip on the Danube and many fine meals.

Budapest Fellowship

Alfred Mangion, past Governor exchanged flags with the Hungarian District Governor and the Club President, and thanked the hosts for the memorable visit. It was hoped that the event would be repeated by other clubs in the future.
The 20 strong group from Malta were joined by another 20 Rotarians from Vienna, Germany. Slovenia and the UK.
All were most impressed at the grand scale and beauty of Budapest. The Hilton Hotel on the top of Buda in the heart of the old town was excellent accommodation for the 4 days (1 to 4th May). Simon Bonello kindly coordinated the trip arrangements.
1st Fellowship Visit to Budapest. 2015