Dear friends,

As you know, Art.4 of Rotary International Statute proposes, paragraph 4,
“to promote the mutual understanding, cooperation and peace at International Level” 
This commitment continues to be actual and shamefully disregarded by many National governments,
and from some part of humanity.
The International Rotary Congress of 1958, during the Cold War, in order to underline Rotary commitment to build peace and to sustain people during their way (that is not always linear and easy, towards a better and more fruitful understanding, decided that the week of February, that includes the 23rd day, (the day when, in 1905, the lawyer Paul Harris from Chicago, founded Rotary Club in order to allow to professional of various fields to meet and exchange ideas, to construct meaningful and lasting friendships, in their communities, that the recurrence of birth of Rotary was to be indicated as the week of
World Understanding) was dedicated to this priority commitment of our membership.
At the present, the whole month of February is dedicated, by Rotary International, to build peace and to prevent conflicts. Further the theme of Peace in the world is one of the theme of the year for Presidential Conferences. Starting from these historical considerations, peace in the world, together with friendship, solidarity, transparency and serenity in our clubs and in our prestigious District 2110, are
considered fundamental missions of our daily actions, in families, in professions, in territories, in the world.
It is not only seriousness honorability, exemplarity, that are our Rotarian model to propose to humanity, but also to be able to be and to live this wonderful experience that is, for each of us, our evident and concrete service of reciprocal deference, of the respect for all and each of us, of the capacity to live together with others, for a better planet with a better humanity. It must be a priority for all of us, the effort and the commitment aimed at the construction of peace through behaviors and choices, not only those personal, the result of individual memberships to true and sincere values of Rotary, but also those that involve our families, the community where we live or where we operate, and the people.
In fact the most evident declaration of the true and indispensable values of Rotary are to help and defend the weakest, the most needy, the only ones, the sick, the marginalized from the system, those who draw, better to say, are the most evident declaration of the true and indispensable values of Rotary. Useless to remember how shameful is the finding of the fact that, today again, all around the world, the rampant poverty, the differences among the many south and the many north, the unstoppable armed conflicts sometimes unmotivated, are still the cause of migration of millions of persons, among which many minors, who, as we know, get on the boat, relying on it and on the weather conditions, their life and that of their children.
Rotary, as we have said and implemented with our club and district commitments creates one of the area of intervention with its projects, aimed at the formation and promotion of International understanding. These projects provide the community with necessary resources (sometimes indispensable to guarantee life) to improve not only the conditions of poverty but also to structure the essential
skills for prevention the birth of clashes and conflicts. There are numerous projects that allow us to intervene effectively and promptly in this sense.
We must remember the scholarships for peace and for study, through which Rotary has been able to solve or to optimize some problematic situations, that are the foundation of conflicts.
I am referring to poverty, today more and more evident, to inequality, to insufficient water and financial resources, to the multiple ethical, religious, civic and social tension.
Our goal, that is also the one of Rotary, remains “build Peace in the world” that has always been pursued with celebration of International Forum and Symposiums and, above all, with the
cooperation and partnership of the United Nations.
In this century, Rotary’s commitment is drawn in this field from the “Program of Peace Centers”. From that time, every year, the program forms at six “Centers for peace of Rotary” at seven
prestigious universities of all over the world, young people, Professional people, who are selected on their curricula and skills, making them ready to promote with conscience, national and international
cooperation, for the resolution of conflicts.
Rotarian Peace Centers leverage on long and constant commitment of Rotary in the field of peace with projects aimed at conflicts resolution.
Further, the collaboration of seventy years of Rotary with the United Nations, The Symposium and Forum on Peace are a testimony of the work of Rotary in favour of World peace.
The Peace Fellows are involved in the development of peace and work as leaders in many national, international and local organizations.
They promote the national and international cooperation, peace, resolution of conflicts in their daily life, professions, through activity of service
for the community.
We also have financed as district, together with District 2080, a scholarship for Peace at ”Rondine Cittadella della Pace”.
Dear Members peace is, more than the absence of conflict, a “Door for Freedom, security and happiness”. It is enemy of persecution and instability.
It constitutes a central element of Rotary mission, a driving force of our efforts in favor of eradication of polio in the face of various cultures and conflict zones.
Giving up to this opportunity, would be a betrayal of Rotarian values.
Only helping to construct a healthier and more cultured society, we will do the most effective and possible thing to establish a lasting peace.
A warm greeting